Tips for Moving with Children

Tips for Moving with ChildrenAs a mom and a realtor I can tell you moving is tough – moving with children can be downright terrifying. Each child and family is different, but I have some tips and tricks that may help ease the transition and help you as a parent feel a little less frustrated during a potentially stressful time. If you are moving homes with children, here are some things you can do to soften the blow of a move. Here are my top 8 suggestions:

1 – Take the children on a tour prior to the move.

Accent all parks, playgrounds, & fun features which they will have access. When your children take ownership in something, it gives them back a feeling of control. One of the scariest parts of moving for a child is the unknown and that feeling of dread that comes with being out of control. Allowing the children to tour the area will help them get excited about all the possibilities that come with a new home, new neighborhood, and a new beginning!

2 – Try to transition as slowly as possible.

If you can give your children some time to adjust to the idea, then make more and more weekend plans to separate them slowly from their friends it can make the situation a bit more comfortable. Always be sure to distribute your new address to the children’s parents. If your child or children are old enough, have them help you write out address cards Ask friends and families of friends if they’ll send a letter to the new address as well as keeping in touch after you’ve moved.

3 – Let the children decorate a special box.

Let them pack their favorite items in a “special” box. If possible, hold that box out of the moving van or truck. They can keep the box of special items next to them in the vehicle so it’s the first one they open at the new house.

4 – Sight see on the way to your new home – make it an adventure!

No one likes a move but everyone likes an adventure! Before you leave, you can make a list of things to look for on the voyage and allow your children to have a scavenger hunt of types. They’ll be on the lookout for fun and excitement instead of worrying about what lies ahead or asking “are we there yet?”

5 – Have a going away party.

Baby with Popsicle
Yummy yogurt pops for your party!

I love a party – and as I get older, I love them even more. It doesn’t pay to get together just for funerals and sad occasions – and what better reason to have a party than to celebrate the new beginning that comes with moving. Gather your friends and family for some fun – and include children’s games and plenty of activities to keep the children interacting with one another. (my little friend Delphine pictured on the right recommends plenty of yogurt pops at the party too!)

6 – Start a scrap book dedicated to your new home and community.

If your children are old enough, they can help you snap pictures, make drawings, and who doesn’t love to add some glitter and embellish an album? This will help your child take ownership in the move and they’ll be making something they can be proud to share with relatives who may live too far away to come see the new house in person.

7 – Help and encourage your children to write letters to their old friends.

Remind them that old friends are silver but new friends are gold (remember the song?). They can tell their old friends about the new people they are meeting and this will help them stay connected to their old community while still finding their own place in the new community.

8- Involve your kids in  sports, clubs, & activities.

Just because your little soccer star can no longer be on the same team, it doesn’t mean they have to give up their dreams of playing soccer. Help find a team and befriend some of the other parents. This will help you settle in to the new community while helping acclimate your child as well.


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