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At Lakeshore, we enjoy helping you prepare, market, and sell your home. We do our best every day to help our customers succeed. We offer multiple listing options, enabling you to choose the most economical way to sell your home. You can even participate in the selling process if you so desire. If you are interested in selling your home with us, please feel free to fill out the form below.



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What Price Should I Ask For My Home?

At Lakeshore, we know that you want to get the highest price possible. That’s why we research the current market to see what the highest reasonable price is. With this knowledge, we can help you make an informed decision on the price to ask for. Here are a few hints on setting the right price:

  • Often, your home’s value depends on recent selling prices of comparable homes in your area. After reviewing the selling prices for such homes, the price is adjusted according to current market trends.
  • Buyers often look in the price range determined by their monthly ability and down payment.
  • Buyers are often very knowledgeable in their price range and often purchase by comparison. Unreasonable asking prices are an immediate turn-off.
  • Inviting a potential buyer to make an offer shows that you are willing to bargain. But if your asking price is outrageous, the buyer’s offer will most likely also be unreasonable.
  • It’s necessary to offer competitive pricing, terms, and conditions in your area. This will help you sell faster and get the full market value.

The Steps of Listing Your Home

  1. We go over the selling process with you, without the technical jargon.
  2. We perform comparative market analysis.
  3. We determine the list and target prices.
  4. We market the property.
  5. We keep communication with the client open.
  6. We present the purchase agreement.